Warm Chocolate Molten Cake

June 15, 2017

6 oz. Dark Chocolate
6 oz. Butter
4 Eggs ( at room temperature)
6 oz. Sugar
2 oz. Flour

Melt the chocolate and butter
Mix the eggs and sugar and whisk for a few minutes.
Add Flour
Add the egg and sugar mixture to the chocolate and butter and combine.
Pour into greased ramekins.
Bake directly in oven at 390 F for 14 minutes.

This recipe was given to me by Executive Chef Luis Palha of Carnival Cruise Lines while at a wonderful Chef’s Table 7 Course meal.

This was on the menu in the main dinning room and was ordered at every night by several of our fellow cruisers. I told the Chef that our kids were Rolling in the Molten cake every night! I promise I would share. 🙂