Applause from my Clients

“Lisa was our family cook for years. She could always accommodate diet requests while keeping things fresh and new. We were sad when she left.”

- Heather Allen

“Lisa’s meals offer the goodness of home cooking but with a gourmet flare that isn’t overdone. Her creativity in the kitchen brings surprising new flare to staple dishes without the heaviness that food from a restaurant can cause. Our family enjoyed meals prepared with our needs in mind at an affordable price. She’s easy to work with and clearly loves what she does. I highly recommend her services.”

- Rebecca Lee Gates

“Chef Lisa is a brilliant organizer, with an uncanny ability to construct extraordinary flavors. Lisa is pure fun to work with, trustworthy and designs delicious and beautifully presented food. Gotta love Lisa!”

- Janet Z – Executive Chef Z’s Cafe and Catering

“Choosing Lisa to cook our meals solved a few of our common household dilemmas. Time and Money. Time! Lisa showed up (with groceries), cooked a weeks worth of food in a few hours, put the food up, cleaned the kitchen and then made her grand exit. I did nothing other than a few taste tests J. Money!! The cost savings were easy to add up with Lisa. She bought what she needed to cook with and we no longer needed to eat out during the week. After two weeks, the math was easy to justify and Lisa become one of our household staples.”

- Kelly Cooper Burrus